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jumbophut jumbophut at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 15:24:55 NZDT 2005

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 10:17:34 +1300, Phillip Hutchings wrote:
> Just don't tell telecom that you're plugging a non-telepermitted
> device in to their network ;)

Well, given that the Actiontec was previously available in NZ, it
might well have been telepermitted.

And when I rang Ascent to check about the USR modem, they told me
Renaissance had decided not to bring in any more, which I took to mean
they had previously imported (and presumably) telepermitted some.

I don't have confirmation on either, of course, since Actiontec is no
longer available here, Renaissance wouldn't answer my calls and
searching the Telepermit database is an exercise in utter frustration.

In any case, I would have though that since the modems I mentioned
conform to all the basic standards (e.g. ITU V.90), the only issue
would be impedance, and the problem would then be at my end (dodgy
reception) not Telecom's.  (Yeah, yeah, the law is the law etc.)


Tony (echo 'spend!,pocket awide' | sed 'y/acdeikospntw!, /l at omcgtjuba.phi/')

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