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jumbophut jumbophut at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 21:20:15 NZDT 2005

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 16:32:15 +1300, Phillip Hutchings wrote:

> I wouldn't say Gentoo is for inexperienced users, but I like it, it
> just works for me :)

Good on you.  And isn't it great that we have a choice?  No one
OS/distro is going to be better for everyone in all circumstances,
though MS would have you believe so.

I've been playing with System Rescue CD, which uses Gentoo, and I've
found it has quite a few loose ends (e.g. with a properly set up
/etc/config/ppp/provider, I cannot get dynamic nameservers over a PPP
connection).  I can't say for sure whether it's Gentoo or sysrescuecd
that causes the problem, but it's these little things that can prove
showstoppers if you've only used something like Mandrake before.

Certainly, it could be easier to take several steps from something
like Xandros, to something more hardcore, rather than one big one. 
e.g. Xandros -> Mandrake/Fedora -> Debian/Gentoo -> Slack/LFS.

Even on my Debian system, which requires (IMHO) less hacking than
Gentoo, I've found myself dropping to the command line and editing
config files by hand on many occasions.  If you just like your system
to work, this might be a pain.  If you like to play and read man
pages, it's fine.

Anyway, one thing I will say for Gentoo -- the forums have provided me
with a clean solution to a problem on more than one occasion.  They're
not (yet) filled with inane ravings from people who haven't bothered
to RTFM, as are some others.

Plus, sysrescuecd is awesome.  More and more, I'm finding myself being
asked to clean up somebody's Windows machine, and it's nice to be able
to virus check, backup data to CD, repartition, and put some Linux
stuff on a small fat/ext2 partition, all from a small LiveCD (which
can be cached to memory).  I still can't reinstall Windows from Linux,
but I'm sure they are working on it :-).  And the fat/ext2 partition
stays there for the next time the machine gets too choked up with
spyware/viruses to work.


Tony (echo 'spend!,pocket awide' | sed 'y/acdeikospntw!, /l at omcgtjuba.phi/')

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