[wellylug] OT: Huygens Descent onto (into?) the surface of Titan

David Antliff dave.antliff at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jan 14 14:46:28 NZDT 2005

Don't forget - starting around 11:20pm tonight (NZ) the Huygens probe, 
which detached from the Cassini space craft on Dec. 24th last year, begins 
it's final descent to the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan.

Main website:

Webcam of control room:

The interesting aspect of this mission is that the atmosphere of Titan is 
presumed to be similar to that of a primordial Earth, and scientists are 
also not sure what the surface consists of.

Unfortunately we won't know the result until 16:15 UTC, which must be 
about 3:15am here I think.


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