[wellylug] NZLUG discussion

Tony Wills ajwills at paradise.net.nz
Sat Jul 9 18:29:17 NZST 2005

At 17:53 9/07/2005, Ewen McNeill wrote:
>... (In theory I've been subscribed to the
>mailing list since Wednesday evening, and have received no messages.)

There's been about 28 messages on the list NZLUG since Wednesday, the 
AuckLUG list is very quiet.

>As an overall strategy -- that the regional LUGs handle regional
>meetings, and events, and that NZLUG handles "central support/resources"
>-- it seems fairly sensible to me.  Having lots of partial complete
>sites with information and no clear idea which one is current seems
>worse than everyone contributing to a central site to keep it

 From the NZLUG list Mark seems to expect some response back from WellyLUG 
re the proposal, shall we discuss and then vote or just vote ;-)

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