[wellylug] Reminder about NZLUG discussion Meeting tomorrow

Ewen McNeill wellylug at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Sat Jul 9 17:53:05 NZST 2005

In message < at pop3.paradise.net.nz>, Tony Wills writes:
>At 10:16 5/07/2005, Chris Hodgetts wrote:
>>Just to remind people that the meeting with Mark from NZLUG is tomorrow at 
>>DaWatt at 19:30.
>A report back to the list perhaps?  

Four of us (Mark, Chris Hodgetts, another wellylugger whose name I'm not
certain of, and me) had dinner at Daawat, and talked about a bunch of
things including NZLUG.

On the NZLUG front the two main things are that there is now an Auckland
LUG which handles the Auckland region meetings (rather than those just
been a NZLUG thing), and that Mark is keen to encourage nation wide 
participation in NZLUG so that there is a central resource of both
information and people's experience to draw on.  There's both a Wiki at
http://www.nzlug.org.nz/ (based on the excellent Waikato LUG one), and a
mailing list -- although both the site and the mailing list seem
relatively quiet at present.  (In theory I've been subscribed to the
mailing list since Wednesday evening, and have received no messages.)

As an overall strategy -- that the regional LUGs handle regional
meetings, and events, and that NZLUG handles "central support/resources"
-- it seems fairly sensible to me.  Having lots of partial complete
sites with information and no clear idea which one is current seems
worse than everyone contributing to a central site to keep it

Mark also pointed out that NZOSS already exists to handle "advocacy"
type issues, so there's less need for a central LUG to do something like
Linux Australia does.

Oh, and the curry was good too.


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