[wellylug] Port opening/forwarding

Simon Antliff simon.antliff at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 09:09:34 NZST 2005

On 7/9/05, Mark Signal <> wrote:
> Hi
> If I open an external port on a internet connected box (say 10000 - with no
> internal service listening on that port )  then connect to that box via ssh
> port forwarding (say ssh -N -R 10000: I would have thought
> that external connections to the box port 10000 would be tunelled to the
> client via the port forwarding. Is this possible and if so what am I
> missing.

A quick test confirms this:

On client:
ssh -R 10000:localhost:22 user at host
(leave above logged in)

On host, in a different terminal:
ssh -p 10000 localhost

results in you being logged into the client via ssh.

So, yes, the port forwarding part works. However, you may be having
trouble with the application you are trying to forward to port 10000
(or maybe any number of firewall issues). If you're application wont
let you set the outgoing port, you might want to look into tsocks.

Give the ssh test a go first, and let us know if it works.


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