[wellylug] NZLUG discussion

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sat Jul 9 21:37:18 NZST 2005

Ewen McNeill wrote:
> In message < at pop3.paradise.net.nz>, Tony Wills 
> writes:
>>At 17:53 9/07/2005, Ewen McNeill wrote:
>>>(In theory I've been subscribed to the mailing list since Wednesday 
>>>evening, and have received no messages.)
>>There's been about 28 messages on the list NZLUG since Wednesday, the 
>>AuckLUG list is very quiet.
> After  playing with Google some, I see the problem.  The
> http://www.nzlug.org.nz/ site refers to a different mailing list from the
> "old" one.  And the "new" one (nzlug-discuss) is apparently unused.
> http://volker.dnsalias.net/linux/lists-nz.html
> gives what appears to be the "current" mailing list, <nzlug at linux.net.nz>.
> (Plus links to most of the other LUG lists in New Zealand.)
> As such it appears that http://www.nzlug.org.nz/ can't be trusted, which
> isn't exactly an inspiring start for something trying to be a central
> resource...
> Perhaps http://linux.net.nz/ is still intended to be the "official"
> site for NZLUG, but if so it's a fairly unfortunate URL as I find
> it nearly impossible to remember which of the various linux.co.nz,
> linux.org.nz, linux.net.nz, linux.gen.nz, etc, is the "right" one for
> any given thing (if any linux.org.nz would be the closest to obvious
> of a NZ Linux group, but that's someone's vanity domain and lacks any
> useful information at all).  "nzlug.org.nz" seems the obvious domain
> so IMHO it'd be better to fix the content there, than try to tell the
> whole world to go somewhere else.
> Anyway I'll try subscribing to the "old" list and see what happens.
>>From the NZLUG list Mark seems to expect some response back from WellyLUG 
>>re the proposal, shall we discuss and then vote or just vote ;-)
> Perhaps those who care to formulate an "official" response can talk about
> it at one or more of the meetings this month.  From my point of view --
> other than the fact that some of the information on the site is clearly
> inaccurate, and there's not much there yet -- I can't see a problem with,
> eg, putting a link on the Wellylug website pointing people at it.  The
> general concept seems fine, even if the implementation needs work.

Heres some further info to clarify for you, Ewen:


To subscribe to the main NZLUG mailing list you want to visit here:


The problem is compounded by the fact that we recently switched from 
Majordomo to Mailman.

nzlug-discuss is a seperate list that was formed to discuss the future 
of NZLUG. Appropriate that you should be there, probably - but thats not 
where the action happens.  nzlug at linux.net.nz is the one you want.

nzlug.org.nz is a test site and I have to admitt i'd not looked at it 
before tonight. Its a bit misrepresented, so I'll have to ask Nic[1] to 
clarify it somewhat. :-)

I'm very keen to see NZLUG become a strong national resource, but at the 
same time to see the regional LUGs retain their identities and 
personalities.  Also keen to see NZLUG become a useful conduit for 
cooperation between the Regional LUGs for things like national 
installfests, etc.

Cheers :)


[1] Nic Bellamy is the Administrator of NZLUG. I'm loosely called 
'CoAdmin' and the reality is that I just do the day to day mundane stuff 
while Nic keeps the back end working. We actually don't even talk that 
often. ;)

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