[wellylug] Microsoft At WellyLUG last night.

Cliff Pratt enkidu at cliffp.com
Wed Jul 13 19:53:39 NZST 2005

Jessica Hall wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:02, Grant McLean wrote:
>> I don't personally think that what Red Hat charges
 >> for their Enterprise Linux product represents good
 >> value for money but I certainly wouldn't claim that
 >> they 'provide no service'.
> and of course, if you don't like their terms you can
 > always *gasp* not buy their product and download it
 > for free instead!
I don't. And I think that Fedora is a con, designed to lock 
you into the RedHat paradigm.
 > There is more than one project that repackages Redhat's
 > enterprise offering into a free package.
RHES is only a packaging of Linux and associated software. 
There's a chunk of RedHat specific stuff in there, sure, but 
it's not *necessary* and doesn't justify a swinging charge 
for 'support'.



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