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Lindsay Hunter lindsay at csw.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 19:17:05 NZST 2005

That is what is in use at the moment.  The cable is of course draped 
across the backyard from the office in the corner of the section.  :-)   
And the front door closes on the Cat5 cable, crimping it each time.  And 
OSH issues, with someone going to trip over it.  Cabling is faster and 
better if you can do it, but .... !


Jeremy Naylor wrote:

> At 15:30 20/07/2005, you wrote:
>> No, it is not a big site.  I am mystified why the signal is weak when 
>> present, and disappears from time to time.  I am guessing that there 
>> could be other radiating sources interfering with the signal, but it 
>> is coasal residential so would not expect  industrial use to be the 
>> problem.  I used my laptop with Netstumbler to confirm the signal was 
>> present but weak.  The distance is perhaps 20 metres at most.  And I 
>> am using directional aerial which can go a long way if unimpeded.  
>> And there is nothing in the house construction that would absorb the 
>> signal in any unexpected way.
>> Thanks for your thoughts.
>> Lindsay
> Hey Lindsay,
> Are there too many walls between your laptop and the AP?
> I've got this problem with our wireless LAN at my place, with the AP 
> in my room, and my flatmate in the furthest room away from my room 
> only gets a very weak signal. The distance is just over 20 metres. So, 
> I've put a CAT5 cable in between the hub in my room and his PC in his 
> room, and now it works fine.
> Try that then maybe?
> Hope this helps.
> Thanks,
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