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Lindsay Hunter lindsay at csw.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 19:20:25 NZST 2005

Had not thought of Channel selection.  I have left it on default, which 
is the most commonly used channel.  Though I have used Netstumbler that 
would have picked up any other Wifi devices in the neighbourhood.  Or 
only infrastructure configs, not wifi clients? 

Yes, Police and other VHF stuff is way down from here, but DECT phones, 
and video senders etc are in the 2.4 gHz spectrum?


Mark Foster wrote:

>>Is it using the default channel (6)? I've been told (but no proof) and it
>>seems to bear out in practice, that channel 6 in NZ is close to police,
>>or some other commonly used frequency that can upset it. I do know of one
>>case where I setup a bridge between two buildings about 200 metres apart,
>>and using parabloic antennae, changing from channel 6 to8 solved a lot of
>>problems (using Linksys gear at both ends)
>This is also worth noting (the channel thing). If everyone uses Ch6 it
>gets fairly busy, and the busier it is the narrower your available
>bandwidth / shorter your range.
>However Wireless 802.11 is at 2.4Ghz and various other higher frequencies:
>Police UHF is well below 500Mhz...

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