[wellylug] WiFi

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Thu Jul 21 08:34:05 NZST 2005

> Had not thought of Channel selection.  I have left it on default, which
> is the most commonly used channel.  Though I have used Netstumbler that
> would have picked up any other Wifi devices in the neighbourhood.  Or
> only infrastructure configs, not wifi clients?
> Yes, Police and other VHF stuff is way down from here, but DECT phones,
> and video senders etc are in the 2.4 gHz spectrum?

Netstumbler wont, to my knowledge, find a WLAN where the SSID is not

Thats something else to consider.

DECT phones and some modern video senders are on the same 2.4Ghz spectrum,
yes.  Thats the reason I went out of my way to find a cordless that
_doesnt_ use that spectrum.  Cant speak for your neighbours, though.

In short its unlikely to be neighbouring wifi, but it is possible that you
have competing uses for the band - or a local, STRONG RF signal thats
flattening your receiver.

Or a poor antenna cable, or faulty antenna, ...


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