[wellylug] SSHD on Debian and RedHat

Simon Antliff simon.antliff at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 08:51:09 NZST 2005

On 9/28/05, Cliff Pratt <> wrote:
> I've used ssh (putty) to sshd on Debian with no problems.
> However on DeadRat the sessions seem to time out after a
> period of inactivity. Sure I could look at the man page or
> compare sshd_configs, but I thought I'd be lazy and enquire
> of the assembled gurus if anyone know the magic incantation
> that will stop my ssh sessions timing out. Please.

The solution is simple:


ClientAliveInterval <time in seconds>
ClientAliveCountMax <default is 3>

to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config

I set mine to 30 seconds and leave the count at 3, but thats because
I'm tunneling over ssl which has a 300 second timeout.

However, I think a good question is why is your putty session timing
out to stock standard sshd?


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