[wellylug] Very Important: Meeting of 13th Feb 2005

John Fouhy john at fouhy.net
Tue Feb 14 14:57:08 NZDT 2006

On 14/02/06, Jim Cheetham <jim at gonzul.net> wrote:
> What sort of events do you forsee that need someone to be "in charge"?
> And how much charge do they need to be in? For example, if you wanted
> WellyLUG to be able to undertake a contract with someone, it would have
> to be a fully incorporated society, with all that entails (Articles of
> Incorporation, annual meetings, membership fee$ and so on) - otherwise
> it would just be a private individual making the contract, and taking
> the risk.

I don't think you need membership fees to be an incorporated society
--- you can (I think) just put it in your constitution that the
membership fees are $0.  The main thing you need in this area is some
clear way of defining who is a member and who is not.

Incorporation will require some work and money up front (for instance,
you have to get a stamp made :-) ), but it's not too hard to maintain.

But, yeah, there would be the advantage that we could have someone go
up to business X and say, "Hi, I am the president of the Wellington
Linux Users' Group.  We want to run [an event] and would you like to
sponsor us with space/equipment/other stuff?"

It also helps with avoiding personal liability, in case you're running
a show and a user's linux-controlled mecha spontaneously achieves
sentience and goes on a rampage through Tokyo or something.


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