[wellylug] Very Important: Meeting of 13th Feb 2005

Jeremy Naylor jeremy.naylor at r2.co.nz
Tue Feb 14 17:12:37 NZDT 2006

At 16:18 14/02/2006, you wrote:
>I agree.
>Most of the people who usually say we don't need organisation or don't
>need leaders usually contribute bugger all when it comes to actually
>getting stuff done like installfests, meetings, welcoming new members
>and having some semblance of a idea of how we could improve things for
>the local linux community.
>Most of the arguments that we had in the org_group were caused by people
>who actually weren't prepared to contribute or actually get stuff done.
>In other words, all mouth and no trousers.
>Basically you just need commitment from certain individuals to get stuff
>done. But this is not missionary work, and people need some reward.
>Being known as the hallowed leader is one form of that.
>Jethro's been doing a stirling job as our webmaster for god knows how
>long. I'd support him extending that role.

Hey Jamie and all,

Jamie is The Man.


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