[wellylug] hi from Tokyo

David Antliff david.antliff at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 18:45:29 NZST 2006

Peter Jones wrote:
> ADSL is provided by Telecom (with other ISPs sub leasing, so to
> speak) and that gets you a dynamic IP

Not entirely true - I'm on ADSL (Ihug) and I have a static IP address 
and what's more, it was no extra charge.

Scott, if you want to host a site with your server, you're going to be 
sorely disappointed with NZ's typical upload bandwidth. Typically 
128kbps on ADSL unless you fork out a bit more and get 512kbps. That is 
for home plans. The business plans I'm not familiar with, except that 
last I heard the prices were extortionate.

So your monthly broadband costs are going to depend heavily on what 
service you require. This may be useful:


(That's a good site for buying stuff in NZ in general - worth the annual 
subscription in my opinion).


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