[wellylug] Backup Files - Ubuntu

Jonathan Harker jon at jon.geek.nz
Wed Sep 20 16:33:30 NZST 2006

Arands - Wellington wrote:
> Hello
> Can anyone suggest which files should be backed-up to prepare for a
> fresh install of Ubuntu Dapper from an existing Ubuntu Hoary system?  I
> have backed-up all the files in the Home Folder (i.e. /home/user), as
> well as the /etc and /usr/local directories. 
> Also, is using growisofs to DVD an appropriate back-up method (my
> Nautilus CD/DVD Creator isn't working) - the back-up files "look" OK to
> me - or is tar better?   Thanks.
> Joseph

DVD - Don't see why not.

Are you nuking your partition and starting again, or installing over the
top? I think the Dapper install CD will cleverly figure out how to
upgrade everything without having to nuke everything (pretty much by
using dist-upgrade)


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