[wellylug] Mac

Rob Giltrap rob at kiwihq.com
Thu Sep 28 23:12:33 NZST 2006

E.Chalaron wrote:
> Hi all
> Who among us is using a Mac Os X.whatever ?
> How close does it relate to Linux/Unix and what could be minimum spec for HD video work ?
> Thanks
> E
My sister in-law needed a new machine and prefers Macs but is not 
technically literate so I got her to buy a Macbook (core duo) and have 
been doing the admin getting it setup with Internet access and loading 
OpenOffice etc.

I haven't used a Mac for literally 20 years but basically it's pretty 
intuitive (with the only real gotcha being closing vs hiding apps). I 
think KDE is more MacOS.X like than Gnome but either way it's not hard 
to pick up.

I've seen an old MacMini G4 easily cut through video work and I would 
assume that ANY of the new MacIntel Core (1 or 2) Duo boxes (at 5 x 
faster) would eat HD video without any worries.


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