[wellylug] bad timing...

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sat Sep 30 02:26:24 NZST 2006

Server is back online as of about an hour ago, please let me know if any 
problems are reported. mysql has complained about some dicky tables, and 
that might mean postgres is silenltly complaining....

Looks like the fault may be something to do with the IDE controller, a 
full cold cycle of the system (not just a restart) was required to bring 
it back, apparently.


On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Mark Foster wrote:

> ... but as some of you may have seen on NZLUG, blakjak.net is offline at
> present.
> Among other things I wont get any email destined to @blakjak.net until its
> fixed, so if you need to email me, use this addy in the interim.
> (Also note NZOSS is among the services affected by this failure.)
> Otherwise guess we'll see whoever we'll see at Installfest tomorrow...
> Mark.
> (Who's now swearing about the problems associated with telehousing systems
> several hundred kms from home)

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