[wellylug] Greylisting .. does it work?

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Mon Dec 29 13:47:50 NZDT 2008

> I've noticed some delays and more of the quirk where my home cable
> connection is the prefered MX host.  Although I haven't done a real
> thorough investigation, it seems that more email is going through my
> secondary MX.. and ending up in a different account.  Something I now need
> to tidy up a bit.
> Just as well it is a short working week ;-)

Secondary MX is in my judgement a bit of a waste of time these days. 
Spammers often target Secondary MX as they make the (often accurate) 
assumption that spam protection measures taken on the primary won't be 
replicated on the secondary.

As mail queues quite happily on sending MTAs anyway, I've opted to stick 
with a Primary MX only these days. (Can add a secondary in the event of a 
catestrophic problem, should it become necessary... short TTL helps...)


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