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MDM Productions thefrasers at clear.net.nz
Fri Jan 4 07:42:00 NZDT 2008

Morning All,

First timer, so my etiquette may need a brush-up!
Have been drawn to Linux for a number of reasons, Redmond being one of 
the big ones, and have dipped a toe in with Puppy 3.01 loaded onto a 
memory stick. I know enough about PC's to get into bother, and nothing 
about Linux. My play machine is a 2001 Dell 860Mh, 128Mb, and 2x10Gb 
drives. It badly needs more RAM (offers accepted!) and is running XP. I 
think I want Ubuntu as it looks like familiar Windows territory for a 
newby but would take advice (...and more RAM..)
However, Puppy has a hitch that I would like to resolve. Under 'Drives' 
it can see both hard drives, the CDROM, and the USB. Under the 'Mount' 
menu it can only offer one of the hard drives, the 'D', which it happily 
does things with. The 'C' drive is not found. Can anyone help fix this 

Thank you kindly,
Large John.

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