[wellylug] VLC and RadioNZ MMS stream

Cliff Pratt enkidu at cliffp.com
Thu Jan 10 21:36:25 NZDT 2008

jumbophut wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm having some trouble getting VLC to stream RadioNZ National's live MMS feed.
> I get anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds of perfect audio, then a big
> delay, then sometimes another few seconds (but not always).  Once I
> got 4 or 5 snatches before it died.  Sometimes I get nothing at all
> ("nothing to play" in the logs and it stops).  It's basically really
> unreliable.
> I'm on dial-up, so I have forced it to use 32kb/s rather than the
> optional 63.  I can see in the logs that it is choosing the slower
> stream when I do that, but that doesn't help with the reliability.
> Fiddling with buffering (up or down) hasn't helped either.
> I can listen quite happily to Radio Sport, an MMS feed which -- as far
> as I can tell -- comes from the same server and uses the same codec
> and bitrate (32kb/s).  This suggests it might not be a VLC issue.
> If you are running VLC, would you mind trying to stream
> mms:// and letting me know what happens?
Where are these feeds to be found on the site, please?



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