[wellylug] Dynamix UPS

David Antliff david.antliff at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 13:22:20 NZDT 2008


Recently picked up a Dynamix 1700 UPS (the black one).

This isn't really a linux question (although if anyone is interested,
this UPS has a serial interface and supposedly works with Network UPS
Tools, nut-2.2.1, although I'm yet to set this up properly), but I've
found so little user opinion on the net about this, so I'm wondering
if anyone else has tried these UPSs? (Dynamix seems to be a NZ-only

Mine has two issues.

1. when it switches to battery, the 'quality' of the power emitted
seems quite poor. It's enough to keep PC gear running but I tried an
incandescent table lamp and it flickers like crazy (and not regularly
either, seemingly randomly). But this isn't such a big deal.

2. what IS a big deal is that of the six or so times I've done a
power-off test, it failed to switch over once! Not only did all
powered-on equipment immediately turn off, the UPS appeared to turn
off too! The battery was fully charged.

Supposedly this model is 'line interactive' but I was unable to find
any supporting documentation other than the fact it's listed on the
Dynamix website under the 'line interactive' category. I don't have a
safe way of lowering the input voltage to test this, unfortunately. Is
there a way one can externally differentiate between a standby and
line-interactive UPS?

My other UPS is a 650VA APC, never had any issues with it (except it's
insufficient to supply the 850W PSU on my workstation). Unfortunately
a 1000+ VA APC UPS is out of my price range. The Dynamix seemed like a
nice choice at just over $300, but now I'm contemplating returning it.

Any thoughts?


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