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Jethro Carr jethro.carr at jethrocarr.com
Mon Jan 14 00:41:41 NZDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 20:22 -0800, Brent Wood wrote:

> The Lower Hutt meetings are more informal & less technical than the Wellington
> ones, so that may be a more suitable venue for support. Being held in a
> classroom is also a good start :-) If they are still going...

Daniel is looking into the availability of a venue for Hutt lug meetings

> I'd like to contribute more, but was away for 6 months last year, & will be
> away 
> at least Feb/March this year, & probably June to August as well, which makes me
> very unreliable for these things. Although I'm having pretty good success
> generating interest in Linux & FOSS GIS software in Oman :-)
> The last time I organised an installfest (2006), the manager of the Featherston
> St DSE store was interested in the possibility of holding a Linux demo/workshop
> there. He felt they could move a couple of displays to free up enough space.
> Lack of time etc, meant I didn't follow this up, but it may be worth asking. 

The Featherston St store would be okay to run a demonstration, but it
would be useless for trying to run a workshop.

For a workshop you need space for people to sit down, a quiet area, and
ideally a projector.

> It would be a good opportunity to introduce people to The GIMP & Open Office as
> well as Linux. I understand the night classes at Onslow last year were not that
> well attended, but if DSE were prepared to suggest these classes for their
> customers, & we provided course info they could pass out, we may be able to try
> again. I'd like to volunteer, but someone else needs to take ownership, as I
> won't be here to help much.
> IMO, the first step is for one or more members to step up & be counted,
> generally others will help but it does need someone to take charge. If no one
> is prepared to genuinely commit their time and energy, then we should not
> promise something we can't deliver. However, whether it is a new meeting, space
> at current meetings, something at DSE, tossing these ideas around is largely
> futile without appropriate commitment from someone.
> Offering the Wgtn meetings as a venue for new DSE Linux users to get help may
> be unrealistic, the few I've attended since we shifted from Lan Place have had
> a very different focus, meeting quite different needs. Not having been to a
> Hutt LUG meeting for some months, I've no real idea what they are up to these
> days. (Any comments Daniel?)

The Wellington meetings have become very technical in focus, but that's
really due to the types of people turning up, as well as the types of
presentations being done.

Most of the presentations are usually done by me, and my interests and
focus these days is on servers and programming.

If someone wants to volunteer to do some newbie appropriate
presentations, I'm more than happy to run a few newbie-focused meetings.

Or perhaps run meetings with an entry-level presentation in the first
half, and a technical presentation in the 2nd half.

These days my time is pretty limited, so whilst I'm happy to organise
the Wellington meetings, do a presentation on whatever interesting
technology I'm currently working on, I haven't got the time to write up
other presentations or do newbie focused promotions and training.

Which is one of the reasons we didn't run an installfest in 2007 - Brent
was away, I didn't have the time, and no-one else was interested in
putting in the work.

TBH, it seems that in the last year or so, Wellylug's member activity
level has dropped away. Maybe everyone has just gotten too busy with
other stuff to care. :-/

Jethro Carr


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