[wellylug] OpenWRT in NZ?

Atom Smasher atom at smasher.org
Sat Nov 8 16:33:03 NZDT 2008

On Sat, 8 Nov 2008, Phillip Hutchings wrote:

> Many people use it, I use OpenWRT. The trick is to set up your DSL modem 
> in half bridge mode, or IP address forwarding mode. This means your DSL 
> modem is a bit smarter than a media converter - it handles the PPP 
> connection - but does not do any IP level management.


i'm using DD-WRT with a DSL-302G as described above, but with a different 
modem i had no choice but to run NAT on the modem. the way it is now, my 
DD-WRT sees a public IP address on the WAN side.

if your modem doesn't handle half-bridge mode then you'll have to work it 
out with an rfc-1918 address on the WAN side of your linksys.


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