[wellylug] Asus Eee PC 701

Lindsay Hunter lindsay at csw.co.nz
Thu Nov 20 08:39:01 NZDT 2008

I have been looking for a workable solar supply for the 701.  My son 
works in the field, top of PNG amongst other places, and a portable with 
its own longer term supply would be worth a try.  And secondly, it needs 
to be able to connect to a vehicle 12v supply.  I agree it somewhat 
negates the portability, but it extends its usefulness away from 
conventional electricity supplies.


thefrasers wrote:
> Thank you all for your feedback. I deduce that the 701 is
> not a bad toy for $400 for an extremely portable Linux
> machine that just works, with potential as a laptop
> substitute (but not replacement), and with the drawbacks of
> small screen and short battery. I will probably buy one for
> the benefits above and experiment with the power modulation
> in my OS of choice to see what can be done about the battery
> life. And just treat it as a Clayton's laptop. I can live
> with that.

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