[wellylug] Convergence and Spotmau

Peter Lambrechtsen plambrechtsen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 13:05:30 NZDT 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 8:46 AM, Lindsay Hunter <lindsay at csw.co.nz> wrote:>
> We need a gadget that you can send words on,
Yep, e-mail down the bottom.

> send voices on,
Yep, it's a phone + when using Fring (third party app in app-store)
you can IM when on GPRS/3G (not that I have mobile data turned on, as
it's too expensive IMHO) or IM & Talk over MSN / Skype when on Wifi
(stupid restriction of Fring to not support Skype when on GRPS/3G, as
per apples requirements <ugh>.

> write,
Yep, as above, not that it has openoffice yet.. .but that would be nice.

> listen,

Nuff said.

> watch,

has vlc4iphone, plus you can use iTunes <shudder> to watch videos.
There is also a great free video recorder called "cycorder" that will
record video.

> and that can work all day from uptime to bedtime

Yes, but you will only get one days worth of battery out of it, and if
you are using it all the time you will get 3-4 hours, but it charges
via a USB power source, which is pretty easy to find these days.

> and will not distort the Armani suit with the weight in the wrong pocket. :-)

That too.

The things you are also missing is:

- Can securely access remote office network or home network
- Has telnet/ssh interface should you need it.
- Can plug into a Windows/Mac/Linux machine, turn up as mass storage
so you can drag files on or off the device (iPhone can do this, which
I find highly annoying!, the only way to get files on or off is SCP
over Wifi)

It's all a matter of taste.  If the iPhone wasn't so insane about
vendor lockin, then people wouldn't have spent so much time hacking

But that's just my opinion.  I think the EEE and iPhone both have
their place, but for a purely mobile multi-purpose device with a
really nice interface I don't think you can go wrong with an iPhone.


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