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Xav Paice xpaice at oss.co.nz
Fri Nov 28 09:38:05 NZDT 2008

I use VMWare Server on the laptop so I can get Windows VM's to run nicely (yes I know I shouldn't want to do that...), but have found VMWare Server and Xen to be on a par in terms of performance for Linux. On a server platform running only Linux I'd prefer to see Xen as it's nicely put together and is so simple - however I have seen that running different distros under a Xen environment can cause more headaches than is worth it. If you want to run CentOS as the main host, and CentOS guests, no problem. Mix them up and it can be trouble. 

If you want to run something other than Linux under Xen you need to have the right CPU and unless you want the performance to be terrible you better have some drivers such as those that Novell can do under SLES or Citrix XenServer. Those cost money which is always a bit of a barrier :) 

Sorry if that's a bit mixed up... 

For what you are looking for I'd suggest VMWare as the first port of call - simple to setup, easy to make changes to, and supports any platform. Oh and it's free (as in beer). 

- Xav 

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