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 Got it sorted!  After trying all sorts of stuff including playing around with network settings, port forwarding etc on server client and router discovered wasn't anything to do with any of that at all!  Returned all that network stuff to what it was before and simply (after much googling for an answer) commented out the line "bind_to_address "localhost" in the /etc/mpd.conf file on the server box.  sonata client worked straight away after that with settings: host: (ip address of my server) and port: 6600 and music dir: /home/music/Music (the music directory on my server).

Now it's going, the MPD server and Sonata client combination are as great as i thought they would be, so easy!  I can sit here on the couch with Sonata on my laptop controlling MPD on my server which is playing to my stereo speakers.


Rob Collins



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Hi Frédéric (and others if
you can help!).  Just picking up from where we left off re mpd.  Have
since bought a acer L series box that I will use as the mpd player.  I
have set up wireless and wired D-Link router network and wirelessly
attached my laptop which i want to use as the mpd client end using
sonata.  I have wired the acer
 L series as the mpd server direct to the
router also.  I can get mpd playing locally on both machines if I'm
directly accessing each of them but I cannot get sonata to control mpd
remotely on the other!  There is a connection setup tab for networked
mpd stuff but no syntax seems to work in the "host" box.  I've tried
user at 192.168.x.x and ip address just on it's own.  Am I missing an
initial mpd.conf editing step?  Is there some port I need to open on my
router? Could the routers firewall be putting spanner in works?  There
seems to be something to do with port 6600 and do I still want that if
I'm trying for a networked mpd?



frédéric mottais wrote:






I have been using MPD for one year now. And I control it with  theremin
on my macbook.Its a great software...very easy to use and reliable. Ask
me if you need some help.



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Has anyone ever
tried doing anything like this?:




What I'm trying to achieve is a flac music "tank" that can be laptop
controlled via bluetooth network interface.  I thought MPD on a thin
client type setup and a ampache/amarok2 front end on the laptop.



Rob Collins


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