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Andrew Tarr andrewtarr at gmx.net
Tue Sep 15 16:41:02 NZST 2009

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> Since the majority of the discussion seems to be about offending women...
> with very little input FROM women.

I really don't think this is what is mostly being discussed.  That's how it started, sure, but the original issue raised a lot of other issues, such as: 

*) is it acceptable to offer an opinion about wording when it makes you or could make others uncomfortable? 

*) is it acceptable to respond to such suggestions with rudeness and insults? 

*) is it acceptable to continue talking about this matter when a substantial number of the list is apparently sick of it? 

*) is it acceptable to _stop_ talking about this matter when a substantial number of the list feel that the issues raised are important, but the issues have not been resolved? 

It is the second point, I think, that the people wishing to continue the discussion feel the strongest about.  That's why we've had a member and a potential member walk out on us, too.  Not very many people agree with Daniel about the original issue, but a lot of them do agree that he shouldn't have recieved the treatment he has. 


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