[wellylug] looking for a job as programmer / sys admin in Wellington

Sebastian Henschel linux at kodeaffe.de
Mon Dec 6 18:40:10 NZDT 2010

kia ora koutou!

after about 4 years, i have decided to return to NZ and to Wellington
and just resubscribed to the list.

i am looking for an interesting occupation around programming / systems
administration with free software. ideally this would also be a position
in a company concerned with building sustainable and resilient
communities. my recent jobs included the usage of Python/Django,
PHP/CodeIgniter and general Linux-goodness.

if you need a reference from local Wellingtonians, i had been working
with Afidmobile/Springload and Tymar (Nic Cave-Lynch) before. 
if you don't have a desk in your office, i was working from home in the
last couple of years.
if you don't have a full-time position, part-time suits me as well.
a resume can be furbished upon request.

the caveat is that i have no permit to work in NZ at the moment. we
could do contract work by outsourcing to my 'company' in Germany until
the process required by Immigration, which would require a formalised
job offer by you, has been completed.

thanks for your attention and i would be grateful if you could pass this
request on to anyone who might be interested.

 Sebastian Henschel 
 Die Ordnung ist nur die verbreitetste Form des Chaos.  
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