[wellylug] Gigabit Ethernet NIC recommendation

David Antliff david.antliff at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 12:47:46 NZST 2011


Can anyone recommend an affordable (i.e. cheap), discrete, PCI,
10/100/1000 Mbit ethernet interface card that works *flawlessly* with
Linux (Ubuntu 32bit & 64bit) please?

Ideally I'm after one that has a driver built into the kernel, rather
than separate drivers.

There seem to be a number of low-cost brands. TP-Link cards are pretty
cheap but I don't know how well they work with Linux. Does anyone have
any experience with cheap cards?

I need a card that isn't going to chew up an unnecessary number of CPU
cycles, as the intended host is not particularly powerful (~ 1 GHz).
Since gigabit ethernet is not new, I would hope that most cards simply
work OOTB.

Thank you,

-- David.

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