[wellylug] Gigabit Ethernet NIC recommendation

Bruce Hoult bruce at hoult.org
Sun Jul 3 18:36:17 NZST 2011

On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 3:48 PM, <pcreso at pcreso.com> wrote:

> The intel Pro chipsets are well supported. Any modern Realtek chipset based
> card should work out of the box. Not the best chipset or driver around, and
> can be a bit heavier on cpu loading than other

Realtek had a justified reputation as a CPU hog in 100baseT days, but that
approach simply wasn't going to work for 1000 so they got better, but still
fairly piggy.

I just tried a wget from a perl cgi on my GA-P55-UD4 Hackintosh, which has a
Realtek gigE. While sending 105 MB/sec (840 Mbps) I saw httpd using 65% of a
core and kernel_task using 55%. (Perl was using 7%)


I've got plenty of cores, but it would be nice to spend less CPU on driving

Perhaps Linux does better.
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