[wellylug] Low power use and Openoffice

C.T.F. Jansen frank.jansen at actrix.gen.nz
Tue Jul 5 07:04:06 NZST 2011


Regarding power minimisation. Remember that the application being run
has a big effect as well. Games, high graphics, high computation use
lots of power.
A point to expand on is that one can cut back on the back ground
processes and other power consumers.
Some linux's of the past 5 years are made for small machines (netbooks,
smartphones, "pads") and the developers have cut out what they thought
one could do without. Have a look on google for the ones claiming to be
power thrifty and install/use some, you'll soon form an idea of what you
happen to think one can do without and what is necessary.

Openoffice has improved  a lot in the last few years. Worth
experimenting with for a week, a number of the glitches have gone. Some
software actually improves and openoffice is one of them.

frank.jansen at acrix.gen.nz

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