[wellylug] Networking and network filesystems

Donald Rogers dero2648 at clear.net.nz
Fri Mar 11 10:50:13 NZDT 2011

On 08/03/11 12:18, Andrew Tarr wrote:
> While I've had more than one computer at one time in my possession for quite some time now, I've really only been using one at once for reasons that are too boring to relate.  But now it looks like I'll be able to have several working, which raises the question about how to integrate them.

I have a broadband modem and a router with 4 wired ports and wireless 
facility. I have a desktop PC(connected by ethernet to the router) 
running Ubuntu and with a parallel printer attached. I also have a 
MacBook Pro which connects wirelessly to the router. I never use MS Windows.

I have Netatalk installed on Ubuntu, but my notes don't say whether I 
installed it prior to what is described below. Probably yes.

After I installed Lucid on the Ubuntu box, I found (using ps -e) that 
both afpd and avahi-daemon were running. So on the MacBook I opened 
Finder > Go > Go to server, entered the IP number for the Ubuntu box, 
logged in to it, and there I was looking at a list of all my folders in 
my home directory on the Ubuntu box.

So that I can print from the MacBook on the printer attached to the 
Ubuntu box: in Ubuntu I clicked on System > Administration > Printing > 
Server > Settings and  selected "Publish shared printers connected to 
this system".

Donald Rogers

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