[wellylug] pulseaudio & skype

Rob Collins robcollins55 at aim.com
Tue Mar 15 10:52:17 NZDT 2011

Thanks all for replies.  Yes Franck, in fact "PulseAudio Server (local)" 
is the *only* option for all sound inputs and outputs on my skype settings.

Glen:  I follow that apps that are trying to access sound devices direct 
instead of going through pulseaudio will throw up an error instead but 
skype on this Opensuse 11.4 distro *is* a pulseaudio app and also 
refuses to make the skype test call only while pavucontrol is running.  
ie It is happy enough making the test call when pavucontrol is not up.

Kingsley:  one of the reasons why i went with opensuse originally was 
that they had made the decision not to force pulseaudio into kde, but 
unfortunately this seems to have been reversed now.  I have been down 
the remove-pulse-in-favour-of-alsa route before but you just end up 
fighting against the flow in my experience with distros that the devs 
have set up around pulse.  I am really not sure what my next move should be.

For all those who said their ubuntu *.* works fine with skype pulse, I 
am really not surprised as gnome seems to be far better equipped to 
handle this sound system.  Conversely there seems to be no kde native 
tools to properly assess and control what pulse is doing.


  On 15/03/2011 9:41 a.m., franck wrote:
> Hi Rob.
> I'm using Skype on an Ubuntu 10.10 (x64) and skype manages pulseaudio
> without problem.
> In Skype sound option, I can setup pulseaudio as Microphone and Output. The
> exact label is "PulseAudio Server (local)"
> Do you have this option available?
> Franck.
> Le lundi 14 mars 2011 21:20:38, Rob Collins a écrit :
>> Well I successfully got Opensuse 11.4 up and running on my acer intel
>> laptop with ATI sound.  Everything works really well with many speed
>> improvements especially noticeable now kde4.6 is the desktop.  Well that
>> is except for skype 2.1b2 because Opensuse have now swapped to
>> pulseaudio (dammit).  Can anybody tell me what I should be doing to
>> assess what is going wrong that my pulseaudio skpe cannot use the
>> internal mic (the one just above the laptop display)?  btw, all other
>> sound recording apps seem to be working fine, it appears to be just
>> skype with the problem.
>> pavucontrol:
>> I have tried having pavucontrol open to check for mic usage with its
>> usage meter but it seems they have set opensuse's sound system up so
>> that pavucontrol takes TOTAL control of the sound system while running
>> so no other application can access the sound!  All I get with sound
>> recording apps when I try to run while pavucontrol is up are "cannot
>> access sound device..." type messages.
>> Rob Collins

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