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Colin Templeman wellylug at biker.geek.nz
Fri Mar 15 10:50:16 NZDT 2013

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on 14/03/2013 20:19 Hugh Davenport said:
> I like that idea. The main reason behind Facebook was promoting the group 
> to non technical people who won't use mailing lists

I'm tempted to say there's some sort of "gotcha" there isn't there?  I mean
are non-technical people i.e. only use a pc as a tool for accessing social
media/web browsing/playing music/showing photos of their night out really
going to be interested in the technical superiority of Linux in the first
place?  I believe we would have to demonstrate clear advantages in order for
them to to consider jumping ship.  From a practical standpoint I consider that
hard to do if all they are concerned about is the basics and their machine
does that fine already.

I think those people that would show interest or even swap to Linux are either
already of a technical disposition/computer enthusiasts, find the FOSS
ideology appealing or value freedom/privacy which to my mind tends to preclude
the Facebook set (I know I may be biased here).

FOOTNOTE: I don't wish to pee in the paddling pool/kindle flamebait/dampen
your enthusiasm/undermine your laudable motivation, far from it.  Just putting
an alternative viewpoint.

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