[wellylug] Year summary

Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Thu Dec 18 15:02:56 NZDT 2014

Hi All,

I thought I would flick out a little summary to let you know how the
group has progressed this year!

January also had a few threads in the list. Good to see discussion 
outside meetings :D. There wasn't a meeting in Jan

February we lightning talks, with topics on GPG, SDR, tmux, javascript, 
and more.
Remember that next year we have another lightning session in Januaray. 
If you
are stuck for ideas, check out the old thread
or just the original source stolen from perl mongers at

March had a talk from Brent about spcial GIS stuff, and I believe I gave 
more details on GPG. Had a few discussions on the list.

April we had a social as there was Easter right around the corner. We 
went to
a local bar rogue and vagabond. Some more discussions on this list. 
Thats what
it is there for, good to see discussions happening!

May had Alexander talking about mikrotik routers.

June we had a keysigning party (for GPG), and a LOT of discussions on 
the night
if I recall correctly ;)

July had Michael talking about config management with bcfg2, and 
Christian talking
about the Qt framework.

August had Chris showing us how to set up a basic web stack with 
(a LE(M|P)P server).

September we had another social, at little beer quarter.

October had Grant showing us some tricks with the vim editor.

November, another social, this time at fork and brewer.

December no meeting, because ... Christmas. But see you back in the new 
in January. Remember we have lightning talks, so get your ideas on, and 
of something to talk about. More the merrier, only need 5 min. We aren't 
so if you haven't spoken before, give it a go!

It will be Mon 19th Jan, 6pm, Catalyst House, level 3.

Have safe and happy holidays!



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