[wellylug] Year summary

Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Thu Dec 18 16:07:57 NZDT 2014


The next meeting will be in February, Jan 19th is a public holiday!

Monday, Feb 16th.



On 2014-12-18 15:02, Hugh Davenport wrote:
> Hi All,
> I thought I would flick out a little summary to let you know how the
> group has progressed this year!
> January also had a few threads in the list. Good to see discussion 
> happening
> outside meetings :D. There wasn't a meeting in Jan
> February we lightning talks, with topics on GPG, SDR, tmux,
> javascript, and more.
> Remember that next year we have another lightning session in Januaray. 
> If you
> are stuck for ideas, check out the old thread
> http://lists.wellylug.org.nz/pipermail/wellylug/2014-February/021372.html
> or just the original source stolen from perl mongers at
>  http://wellington.pm.org/lightning_talks.html
> March had a talk from Brent about spcial GIS stuff, and I believe I 
> gave some
> more details on GPG. Had a few discussions on the list.
> April we had a social as there was Easter right around the corner. We 
> went to
> a local bar rogue and vagabond. Some more discussions on this list. 
> Thats what
> it is there for, good to see discussions happening!
> May had Alexander talking about mikrotik routers.
> June we had a keysigning party (for GPG), and a LOT of discussions on 
> the night
> if I recall correctly ;)
> July had Michael talking about config management with bcfg2, and
> Christian talking
> about the Qt framework.
> August had Chris showing us how to set up a basic web stack with
> nginx/mysql/postgres/php
> (a LE(M|P)P server).
> September we had another social, at little beer quarter.
> October had Grant showing us some tricks with the vim editor.
> November, another social, this time at fork and brewer.
> December no meeting, because ... Christmas. But see you back in the new 
> year
> in January. Remember we have lightning talks, so get your ideas on, and 
> think
> of something to talk about. More the merrier, only need 5 min. We 
> aren't scary,
> so if you haven't spoken before, give it a go!
> It will be Mon 19th Jan, 6pm, Catalyst House, level 3.
> Have safe and happy holidays!
> Cheers,
> Hugh

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