[wellylug] Curious disk problem

Jeff Hunt jeffhunt90 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 16:15:06 NZST 2016

This is too embarrassing to take to the world community but I wonder
if anyone has any clues.
I have bought 4 1TB sata drives off Trademe and they are great and
running Ubuntu and Mint but the one in my wife's machine failed
routinely with 'grub rescue' but would run on a second boot as long as
it wasn't turned off - using CTRL Alt Delete.

I assumed it was a minor installation problem. We limped by and I
reinstalled with Ubuntu 16.04 when it arrived but the disk does the
same thing except Ctrl Alt Delete doesn't work but starting the
computer on a live USB and then restarting onto the disk works. Quite
weird. It seems that something can sometimes linger on from a previous
start to encourage the disk to boot. I did a grub recover using the
instructions on gparted so it is now on its third grub install and
second OS.

I considered reformatting to GPT, but on a Bios computer that seems to
be too much for my tiny brain.

I'm reluctant to throw away a fairly new 1TB drive that seems to work
very well if appropriate magic is performed first but it not a happy

Any thoughts?

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