[wellylug] Meeting next Monday (tonight)

Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Mon Aug 22 07:26:00 NZST 2016

Reminder. This is tonight

On 17 August 2016 9:36:53 AM NZST, Hugh Davenport <hugh at davenport.net.nz> wrote:
>Hi All,
>There will be a meeting next monday (22nd August), with a talk from
>Josh Parsons, titled: Running Gentoo linux on a ARM-based Chromebook.
>Josh Parsons is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University.
>He has been an active free
>software developer for 20 years, and has contributed to gtk+, the linux
>kernel, Battle for Wesnoth,
>and Unslung.
>I may also give some details of some talks I heard at defcon over in
>las vegas that I attended recently.
>Next Monday, 22nd August, Level 3 Catalyst House, 150 Willis St, 6pm.
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