[wellylug] Meeting this month - combining with Perl Mongers and time change to Tuesday

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Tue Feb 13 05:12:07 UTC 2018

Hi Olly,
thanks for the updates. 
Good point about the number of speakers and schedule. I agree, 9 speakers at  5 min. each is a good target to aim for (allowing for some setup time per speaker).

Initially, when the welly LUG lightning talks were announced it was for a non-combined meeting and we didnt have many speakers. Fehmi wanted to give a 20-30 minute presentation, so I allowed for him having a larger time slot because it helped to fill missing gaps. 
This is one reason why I only asked for 1 or two extras. The other reason is because I believe Grant is asking for more speakers on Perl Mongers and another Open Source channel/chat.

If you want to give a talk on "A New Metaphor for FOSS Development" 
thats great. I'll be happy to add you to the list.

With you added, and Fehmi's talk of say 25mins, that takes us to somewhere in the range of 45min speakers time, approx. 60mins total.

How does that sound to you?

I'll contact Grant as it seems we may want to coordinate on managing the list.

Michael Coleman
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</div>On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:57:32AM +1300, Michael Coleman wrote:
> The basic format will still be lightning talks, speakers are:
> *  Fehmi Noyan ISI  - Apple’s new Open Source programming language "Swift"
> *  Michael Coleman - Using visual bells in tmux for alerting when long
> running processes have finished.
> *  Grant Mclean
> *  Donovan Jones

Donovan's title is "some cool tools" apparently.

> There is still 1 or 2 spots available for speakers if anyone else wants to
> add themselves to the list.

If we're doing 5 minute lightning talks and limiting it to 5 or 6
speakers, it seems like it'll be quite a short meeting.  Last year's
PM lightning talks meeting had 9 talks it seems:

Anyway, I can talk on "A New Metaphor for FOSS Development", but
happy to let someone else have the slot (especially if they're not
a regular PM/lug speaker since lightning talks are a good place to


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