Microstuffed Windblows

root Ken.McAllister at clear.net.nz
Tue Jun 12 15:50:38 NZST 2001

258 Lyttelton Street
Spreydon, Christchurch 8002
Tuesday 12 June 2001

Ken McAllister greets all Linux people. Sorry I cannot come
to the meeting. Any help on the following will be
gratefully followed up:

Installing Mandrake 8 on top of Red Hat 7, as an upgrade
rather than a new installation , I now have a good stable
Linux platform, and nearly 100% access to the old Dos C:
disc, under the name of course of /mnt/windows.

Regrettably, Windows thinks it is a non-DOS partition, and
Mandrake reports it as a "Hidden Fat32 partition".

Is there a simple way to make it a non-hidden (to Windows)
FAT32 partition again?

I have saved importrant files, but I would like to run some
Windows software again.

Thanks in advance 
Ken McAllister

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