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Martin Baehr mbaehr at email.archlab.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Jun 13 15:37:19 NZST 2001

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 08:22:57AM +1200, Klenner, Colin wrote:
> A hidden partition occurs when there are two or more 'primary' partitions on
> the same disk.
> When you boot from one, the other is automatically hidden because it is not
> marked as 'active'.

are you sure?
fdisk does not report nonactive primary partitions as hidden.
are you saying that dos changes the partition type of tne non-active
partitions as it boots?

however if you are right then:

> 1. When you wish to boot from the other partition use a floppy boot and
> FDISK. In FDISK choose which partition you wish to make 'active' and that
> becomes the partition you will boot from.

you can also change the active flag using linux fdisk

> 2. Alternately - and hopefully the partition you want is not the first one
> on the disk - delete the offending partition altogether and recreate it asn
> an 'extended' partition.
> 3. If you can, and have the time, delete the Mandrake partitions and
> recreate them from the ground up.

solutions 2 and 3 are overkill, and not what you want.
there is NOTHING wrong with having multiple primary partitions.
linux does not care about the difference.
linux also does not need a partition marked active to boot from it.

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