[wellylug] RH 8 Advanced server needed

Grant McLean grantm at web.co.nz
Fri Jan 24 09:45:51 NZDT 2003

I've been a RedHat user for years and they've never given
me a reason to switch to another distribution.  However even
with that history I'm struggling to see the value of their
Advanced Server products.  

It's hard to get past the price tag.  My somewhat cynical 
take is that the product is targeted at people who don't 
believe a product is worth having unless they've paid a 
lot for it.  Yes, the price tag does include support, but 
when was the last time you needed vendor support on Linux?

The biggest differentiator is the slow cycle time.  Rather
than shipping the very latest leading edge versions of all
packages, the theory goes that Advanced Server will include
stable versions.  Then throughout the life of the product,
RedHat will back-port security patches to those versions 
rather than requiring you to upgrade a package and 
potentially break some version dependency that another 
package has. That argument does have some merit and will be 
attractive to some target markets.

As to where you can get it, I'm not sure that you can 
download ISO images (it's GPL though so the source must be 
available).  I think you can get evaluation copies direct 
from RedHat (ie: register through the website and they send 
them to you).


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> Greetings.
> I have a possible linux convert who read bunch of Redhat ads and now
> looking for Redhat 8.0 Advanced Server.
> Where (apart from redhat.com) can I get it ?
> Has anyone played with it ?
> What is so special in A/Server that cannot be found in RH 8.0 "normal"
> distro (those 3 cds that float around LUG :)
> Ilia

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