[wellylug] (no subject)

Jamie Dobbs jamie.dobbs at orcon.net.nz
Wed Apr 14 19:52:55 NZST 2004

>> For me, the first example that came to mind is the thread starting with
>> http://lists.naos.co.nz/pipermail/wellylug/2004-February/005193.html
> Could you please be more specific?  That's a whole thread, and I am
> having a hard time understanding the problem you are raising.  And since
> you have raised it one more than one occasion, it would be useful to
> clear it up once and for all.

I think that the point that Sam is trying to make is that it is not a LUGs
job to try and give Linux as a solution to people who have not asked for
an alternative solution.
That is an advocacy type role which I do not see as a role that a USERS
group should be taking. If people come to us for help then fine, but we
should not be trying to force Linux on to people who have not asked for

To me that is as offensive as someone knocking on my door and trying to
force their religion on me, and would et exactly the same response:

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested" and then close the door.

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