[wellylug] Palm with Gnome

Colin & Josephine Lewis cjlewis at amcom.co.nz
Mon May 10 21:45:08 NZST 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004 8:51 pm, Leslie Boardman wrote:
> Don't know if this helps but I have found that syncing my m100 Palm with
> Evolution sometimes spits (with a similar error and also stays showing
> in pstree but not working until reboot) when I try to transfer across a
> big file (like a Gutenburg project ebook).
> I have virtually no problems syncing for just address book etc but I
> have found it helps if I go to Tools>Pilot Settings and click about a
> bit before trying to sync. I am currently running on the theory that
> something is being 'prodded' when I check the settings.
> Debian Woody, Evolution 1.0.5 (Gpilot is whatever version resides in
> woody).
> Leslie

I had no problems syncing my M100 with Evolution (using Mdk 9.1) or for that 
matter with Kmail.  I even managed to transfer a 10,000 word essay I had 
written on my palm (using a plug-in keyboard, in case you worry over my 
sanity!) from palm to PC, although that was using kmail and not Evolution.

Colin Lewis

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