[wellylug] OT: TLP Chips

Rob Giltrap rob at ubietygroup.com
Wed May 12 23:14:24 NZST 2004

Of topic but for those who are interested in CPU technology Ace's 
Hardware have an excellent article on Sun's forth coming Niagara processor


Given Intels dropping of Tejas & Jayhawk in favour of accelerating 
dualcore chips. This explains a growing direction towards thread level 
parallelism (in some cases over thread level performance)

As for the linux reference. The Niagara processor runs 32 simultaneous 
threads. The 2.4 kernel is known to struggle beyond 4 threads. The new 
2.6 kernel scheduler apparently handles up to 16 threads extremely well 
now (as this was a major change for 2.6) but there are still a few 
bottlenecks going beyond that dependent on load characteristics

Regards, Rob.

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