[wellylug] Hardware raid and Debian

Ewen McNeill wellylug at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Wed Feb 9 08:15:26 NZDT 2005

In message <42083DA0.3070604 at mowgli.net.nz>, Rob Stockley writes:
>Yep that's the card I have all right. I've installed smartsuite and am 
>going to take the time to do a proper badblocks scan as Ewen suggested. 
>I'm also reading up on software raid using the /dev/md0 device. I didn't 
>realise you could control the raid card using raidtools. 

You can't.  

You can control it with the tools in the "raidutils" package (in Debian
Testing and above; I don't seem to have backported it, but I suspect it
would backport easily).  Also available from the Adaptec/DPT website.

Yes it is very confusing having two packages named almost the same
thing, and especially so confusing having a quite generic name on
card-specific tools.

The Linux Software RAID and the Adaptec Hardware RAID have very little
to do with each other, other than (obviously) being implementations of
the RAID concept.


PS: I was suggesting running SMART tests and badblocks tests _after_
    you'd pulled the disk and replaced it and rebuilt the RAID array.
    In another machine.  As a way of figuring out if the disk was
    suitable for a warrenty claim.  (If SMART reports that the disk has
    failed/is failing, it's usually fairly easy to get it replaced under
    warrenty; if it doesn't, it's much harder to get a replacement.)

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