[wellylug] adsl cable and wireless

scott scott at slackisland.org
Thu Sep 14 16:53:53 NZST 2006

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the info on the state of broadband in Wellington. I guess we
are really spoiled here in Tokyo (probably the only thing about this
city that I still appreciate)- as Jim mentioned (hi, Jim!), fiber optic
is cheap, fast and everywhere. 

Looking around I came across the  Telecommunications Stocktake report
from NZ govts. department of Economic Development, and it appears that
broadband services in NZ are not, forgive the pun, up to speed in
comparison with many other countries- currently in the bottom third of
OECD ranked countries. Apparently there is some movement from the govt.
to address this:


However it sounds like cable is the way to go (for the time being) if it
is available. I used cable about 5 years ago when I lived in northern
Japan and it was pretty reliable...

One other quick question, what about wireless? My zaurus pda uses an
"Air-H" card for dial-up ppp connections (128K)- I haven't been able to
find provider info yet around Wellington. I checked out the "Wireless
Wellington" hot spot map which looks promising... What is the standard
for mobile Internet access?



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