[wellylug] Internet email blocked

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Thu Jan 17 17:15:54 NZDT 2008

"Unable to find the server"

What does this mean exactly?

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Jeff Hunt wrote:

> At work I am unable to find the server on any internet email service that I
> have tried (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, paradise). I used to be able to do this
> on my Ubuntu Gutsy setup on a different machine and a staff machine using
> Ubuntu is ok, but when I started using a Dell tower machine with identical
> configuration to my old IBM (as far as I know) I lost internet email but
> nothing else. My work email and internet are fine.
> My Microsoft work support team are puzzled and can't help.
> Does anyone know what strange magic an internet email system can produce to
> stop a particular machine?
> The work site protocols do not block it and as far as I know I have all
> systems on that might stop me in my computer.
> I cannot ping these sites.
> It sounds to me like a rights and access issue, but what rights and access?
> Cheers

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